Rugby World Cup predictions – Day Seven

We finally got our big World Cup upset on day six on the tournament. Uruguay stealing all the hearts and headlines from Japan. In day seven, the tempo is increases with two games coming out of pool B and C and the chance of more upsets on the cards. Continue reading “Rugby World Cup predictions – Day Seven”


Rugby World Cup predictions – Day Six

We are nearing the end of the first week of the Rugby World Cup and our Wednesday is drip feeding us another single game day. We see one of the last sides to get their tournament underway in Uruguay and they will be taking on the Flying Fijians in their second game. Continue reading “Rugby World Cup predictions – Day Six”

Rugby World Cup predictions – Day Five

For the second day in a row we have just the one match to look forward to on day five, Russia taking on Samoa. But for this Russian side involved, it will be their second game of the tournament with only 3 days rest since their opener. A tough ask for any team. Continue reading “Rugby World Cup predictions – Day Five”

Rugby World Cup predictions – Day Three

After the blockbuster day two, we have another three games to go through on Sunday. It kicks off with Italy vs Namibia from Pool B, big celtic clash of Ireland vs Scotland out of Pool A and finally England get underway against Tonga in Pool C. What magic will we witness on day three? Continue reading “Rugby World Cup predictions – Day Three”

Rugby World Cup predictions – Day Two

We are finally underway with the opening clash and now the real rugby starts. Day two has three really intriguing battles that will go a long way to deciding each pool already. Australia open up against the Fijians, France will battle Argentina and finally the big one, New Zealand vs South Africa. How will these games go down? Let’s take a look: Continue reading “Rugby World Cup predictions – Day Two”

Rugby World Cup Predictions – Day One

By Cornflake

Its opening day of the tournament and we have just one extravaganza to look forward to. So let’s start things off, game one, day one and I will be back here EVERYDAY to give my thoughts and predictions on each and EVERY match. Make sure to join me, take me on in my SuperBru league and enjoy the Rugby World Cup. Let’s get into it….. Continue reading “Rugby World Cup Predictions – Day One”

Can Tier Two minnows upset World Cup seeding?

By Cornflake

Everyone loves an underdog. Everyone loves an upset, as long as its not against “their” team. The Rugby World Cup throws up so many opportunities we rarely see outside the World Cup every four years. Tonga beating France 19-14 in 2011 and of course, Japan beating South Africa 34-32 in 2015. Will we see another upset this year? Will a tier two nation make the quarterfinals? Let’s break down each pool for the most likely chance. Continue reading “Can Tier Two minnows upset World Cup seeding?”

Rugby World Cup national treasures

By Christian Catley

The tournament kicks off on September 20th, with the opening game of Japan against Russia. There are many key players that will be important to teams, not only during the pool stage, but the finals as well. Here are some of my key players for each team. As I look at what value they bring to their side in the World Cup. Continue reading “Rugby World Cup national treasures”